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Product features

  • Soft dark grey velour with black edges and quilted with black thread
  • Suitable for shotgun and rifle gun, optics, cameras
  • 100 cm x 52 cm, thickness 6 mm
  • Padded
  • Extra large size, for cleaning multiple guns, cameras, optics together

Product description

Bertus Shooting gun cleaning mat is the perfect addition to your gunroom or showroom, providing a padded surface for any kind of gun servicing. Protect your gun’s finish during cleaning and repair with this soft leather top to ensure your gun doesn’t get scratched. Measures: 100 cm x 52 cm and is 6 mm thick. This large gun cleaning pad provides you with enough room to disassemble your long gun, handgun, shotgun, rifle, camera, optics as well as place the various cleaning tools you use and clean it without the need to move parts. Perfect solution to the problem of insufficient size of your cleaning pad. It lays flat when unrolled and doesn't retain the rolled shape at all. This large padded gun mat is made of soft and durable velour leather. It protects your gun and workbench from scratches, stains , spills, heat and scrapes. The gun mat is longer, wider and more durable than regular table mats. Large enough to clean several guns at once. It keeps your desk clean and improves your work efficiency. Available colors: ligh grey, dark grey, brown and dark blue You can also customize this item with an embroidered name, initials, logos, etc.

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