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Please tell us which products you would like us to design for you!

In this menu you can select the specific product you are interested in. Multiple products can be selected (indicated by a green frame). When you have selected the product(s) you want, you can continue by clicking on the Next button.

Design your gun slip

(we use special material between the leather and the lining which makes the slip comletely waterproof in inside)

Gun measurements


Design your range bag

(waterproof lining, full rubberized bottom –this makes the bag comletely waterproof in inside)


Design your shell pouch

(inside pocket for cards for free)


Design your custom product

(Our colleagues will check the options and get back to you!)

Please choose your product colors

There is a choice of different colors of plain leather, nubuck or velour and embroidery thread. The available colours and materials are listed on our Product Color Page (this link opens in a separate window). For more inspiration please visit our Facebook or Tiktok page.

You can tell us in your own words what colours you would like, and our staff will help you choose the right material and colours.